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Stylish Patio DesignS

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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford

Patios are a “given” with any home design. Homeowners have long insisted their home include a space where they can retreat outdoors for some fresh air. As we have all seen with the current outdoor living trends, the patio space has gone luxury. But, if you still desire something less extravagant, a simple place to relax and unwind after a long workday, then there are some great ideas and materials that can make your special patio a place of enjoyment.

simple covered patio for outdoor enjoyment

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Small patios need not be dull or uninteresting. Small patios can be the perfect space for sitting, gardening, reading and entertaining. Be sure to start with a solid and seamless material that creates the canvas for the rest of the area and the décor you select.


Stylish Patio Materials Perfect for Any Sized Patio

Brick – Easy to install and durable, brick is a timeless material that can easily make your patio match the look and feel of your home. Available in many shades and colors; this is always a popular choice.

Stone or Flagstone – This material is available in pre-cut or random sizes for an even more natural rugged look, it can create a more rustic feel to the patio and make it appear as if it was always there among nature. It can be an expensive option, but is long lasting.

Stone Veneer – This product has all the benefits of real stone, but typically is lighter and less expensive.

Concrete – This is the most affordable patio material. But, like stamped concrete mentioned below, it is easy to add borders for a more custom look that extends your outdoor living space.

Stamped concrete – With this material, homeowners get the look of flagstone, brick and many other materials because they have a stamped pattern pressed into the freshly poured concrete. This is a low-maintenance yet, beautiful option. It can also incorporate brick borders and other designs to give it a more custom look.

Pavers – Pavers are man-made and can often look manufactured, but they are very easy to install and less expensive than most other patio materials.

So, now that you have reviewed the most popular materials on the market today, it’s time to decide what type of patio surface you will choose. Keep in mind, the overall look and style of your home. Creating the perfect patio, no matter what the size, is one that matches the interior and exterior of your home. You want this special place to feel like an extension of your interior spaces.

enjoyable patio with cozy candlelight

Looking for some ways to add style and personality to your patio?

Patio spaces can take on a life of their own when you add a little of your own personality to the area. If you love bold colors, then planting vibrant flowers around the border will liven up the space with color and interest. This is an inexpensive way to add a colorful focal point.

Another great option is durable outdoor furniture. These days, comfortable and durable outdoor furniture can be found just about anywhere. And, most of it is able to withstand the harsh elements a patio will encounter all throughout the year. Since most patios receive full sun and rain exposure, be sure to pick something that is able to withstand many weather changes.

Some stylish accessories that add little expense include wind chimes, fountains and even hammocks. Who wouldn’t enjoy falling into a hammock on a perfect summer’s day in a shady spot right off the patio? This may become the perfect place to relax after mowing the grass or when reading the newspaper. And, add in a trickle from a water fountain or the sweet sound of wind chimes blowing in the breeze and soon you’ll transport yourself to a place of total relaxation. Adding these inexpensive items to your patio will enhance your senses and offer many opportunities for tranquility just steps from your home.

Outdoor lighting has also become a staple for many homeowners and now more than ever, there is little need to worry about outdoor electricity outlets. Why not go solar? Not only is it more economical, but it provides the subtle ambiance that homeowners crave as the sun sets. Plus, it’s inexpensive and can be purchased at home improvement retailers all across the country.

While many homeowners are opting for expansive luxurious patio spaces filled with every amenity, some homeowners have less space to work with and want less maintenance. But that doesn’t mean their modest patio space will lack the personality and style their high-end counterparts typical exude. Use some or all of the ideas described here and soon your cozy patio oasis will be your favorite spot all throughout the year.

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