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Deck Materials

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Outdoor living is a trend that is not going away anytime soon.

Rustic Home and Deck

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Outdoor living is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. Homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to make the most of outdoor space. Whether for personal use or opening the space to family and friends, the deck is where everything seems to happen. Subsequently, you want a deck that is a good value, durable, and will require little upkeep. You’re busy enough! Finding the right combination of all three can be tricky, but thankfully there are more options available than ever before:

Natural Wood – Wood has always been the most popular and charming of household decks. However, that charm requires greater upkeep than other options available today. Annual sealing is necessary and wood may still warp and splinter. While some woods are naturally pest resistant, there is no guarantee. Cedar, Redwood, and Mahogany are all hardwoods to look for if you desire natural wood for your deck.




Southern House and Deck

Composite Wood – A blend of wood fiber and plastic, composite wood has a wood grain look without all the required upkeep of natural wood. This composite is durable and low maintenance and comes in a variety of colors or available stains. It is more expensive than natural wood but less expensive in the long run when upkeep costs are factored in.

Ranch House Outside Deck

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Vinyl – Vinyl comes in a wide variety of applications when it comes to deck material. Very similar to composite, vinyls and plastics require little maintenance. They are not as strong so there is some tendency to sag or become brittle due to UV exposure. Some vinyls and plastics are more environmentally friendly than others, so be careful to read labels and ask questions before making an investment.

Luxury House Plan with Deck
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Aluminum – Aluminum decks are appealing to more modern architecture. Attractive and easy to clean, it can be rather expensive to install. As with aluminum siding, it has the potential to dent, so be aware of how your space will be used

With all the available options, it can be difficult to resolve what is best for your home. Remember that choosing a decking material does not mean every facet of the deck need be that one material. Railings and balusters are necessary for safety but can be used to incorporate decorative detailing. Glass, stainless steel, and wrought iron are just a few of the decorative options for jazzing up the deck construction

Colonial House Design with Deck
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Before your heart is set on a deck material, it is important to evaluate the deck space. No longer are decks a square space designed from a few conjoined boards. Decks today are sprawling and multi-tiered, making the most of whatever outdoor space is available. Find a balance of space, design, and budget before looking too closely at deck materials. Bigger decks on smaller budgets are going to require a less expensive deck material. However, do not forget to incorporate maintenance costs into your figures! It is a great idea to seek professional input when it comes to figuring how to best build your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Wait to make any commitments until all your questions have been asked and adequate answers have been given. Soon enough you will find yourself lounging in a backyard paradise!

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