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Adding A Water Feature To Your Backyard

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Once upon a time, swimming pools were the sole oasis of a family backyard.

Ranch Home Backyard Water Feature

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Water has long been considered a calming element, looked to in feng shui as both soothing and refreshing. As the trend of outdoor living continues to extend to homes far and wide, outdoor water fixtures continue to be vital to many homeowners with new looks and better uses.

Craftsman Home Backyard Water Feature
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Swimming pools and spa tubs - From naturalistic pools to infinity pools, today's swimming holes are far beyond the above ground retreats of the past. Luxurious designs and technological amenities allow pools and spa tubs to fit into today's outdoor living spaces without ever being considered outdated.

Modern Home Backyard Water Feature

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  • Fountains and waterfalls – Birdbaths once had a coveted spot in the center of a home's garden. As landscaping has taken home gardening to the next level, so have birdbaths been replaced with tranquil fountains and elegant waterfalls. Waterfalls are ideal for bridging multiple levels of outdoor living spaces while fountains help create a tranquil focal point.

Luxury Home Backyard Water Feature

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backyard pond

  • Backyard ponds
    – Man-made ponds take backyard water fixtures to a new level. Ideal for winding gardens or a peaceful corner of the yard, these ponds can be as simple or complex as the owner is willing to care for. Intricate ponds may have multiple pools with small waterfalls and live fish. Simple ponds may bubble and provide a quiet place for rest or meditation. However detailed, small garden ponds may not be the best choice for families with pets or small children.


Another water fixture to consider for your outdoor living space is that of rainwater collectors. Rain chains, rain barrels, and even some outdoor fountains are now being designed to collect rainwater for future use. While not safe for drinking water without special collection and treatment, rainwater is ideal for watering gardens and using in decorative water fixtures without running up a water bill.


outdoor water feature

However, rainwater fixtures are only viable in certain climates. Check with local gardening centers and outdoor living designers to see what water fixtures they may recommend. Also bear in mind that water fixtures appear smaller in stores than they will once filled with water. Take measurements and ask for professional opinions before committing to any large decorative element. With enough research, outdoor living spaces of any size can house a soothing water fixture.

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