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Outdoor Lighting CONCEPTS

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The popularity of outdoor living spaces is ever-growing as homeowners continue to transform average backyards into personal paradise.

Southern Home Outdoor Lighting

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These outdoor rooms continue to closely resemble their indoor counterparts in both style and comfort. It is not surprising then that homeowners’desire quality outdoor lighting: after all, beautiful outdoor living rooms ought to be usable at any time of day or night.

Victorian Home Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting serves a number of purposes ranging from safety to ambience. Any outdoor living room should allow a stroll through the garden on a well lit path as well as the opportunity to curl up with a good book without straining your eyes. The market for outdoor lighting ranges from the simple lamp on a switch to the complex system of lights controlled by a home wireless network. There are a few things to keep in mind when determining what light should illuminate your outdoor living space.

Vacation Home Outdoor Lighting

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First, think about functionality – what happens in this outdoor space? Do you entertain on the patio quite often? Are neighbors constantly gathered in the yard for ball games until the sunshine fades? Is there a pool, walkway, stairs, or hidden nook that need special attention? Listing the consistent uses of your space will allow you to determine what specific lighting may be required.

Traditional Home Outdoor Lighting

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With a list in hand, start narrowing down what scenarios are most important. For example, walkways and stairs are used regularly whether entertaining guests or lounging at home. These paths should be well-lit for everyone's safety. Next, narrow down how other areas ought to be lit based on use. A patio used for entertaining guests may just require a few ambient lights. However, if the patio is used to read at night, a brighter lamp may be situated near a favorite chair. Outdoor kitchens require clear overhead lighting to ensure proper visibility when handling food. Evenly spaced fence top lights can provide safe visibility to play areas without looking like stadium floodlights.

Also bear in mind the elegance of landscape lighting. Landscape lighting typically consists of uplighting (a light at the base of a tree or statue, illuminating definition) or downlighting (showcasing a space below by placing lights high up in trees). Not necessarily functional, this kind of outdoor lighting is great for curb appeal and highlighting beautiful features of a home that may otherwise be overlooked in the dark.

Luxury Home Outdoor Lighting

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Colonial Home Outdoor Lighting
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Whatever lighting you chose to incorporate into your outdoor living space, it is important to keep the look cohesive. Fixtures outside should not clash with one another or the style of the home. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of lighting fixtures currently flooding the market from low voltage fixtures to solar powered lights. Design experts and installation professionals can offer great advice and opinion on what will blend into your decor while illuminating the space. Be sure to seek out advice and reviews on various lighting products. While the average homeowner can undertake most outdoor lighting projects, some installations will require great more detail and professional handling. Also be certain to seek out any lighting restrictions that may be in place in your area. Some homeowners associations limit the kind of lighting that may be installed in outdoor living spaces. Outdoor lighting is typically a one-time installation for many homes; be sure to seek as much information as possible before investing time and finances. Soon you will be able to enjoy your personal paradise, no matter what time of day or night!

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