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Organizing Facts

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Get organized all around the house using these organizing tips as a guide to help you.

Home Organization

  • Put your recipes or project ideas into a photo album. It’s easy to organize them because the pages can be moved as you add more ideas under a certain topic. Plus, if you splatter something, you can wipe off the plastic pages.

  • When organizing the linen closets in your home, cedar blocks help deter moths when tucked into drawers or placed on shelves where linens are stored. Sachets can also be used to add a subtle fragrance to linens. Lavender sachets are a wise choice because, just like cedar, they deter pests like moths from gathering and damaging fine linens while offering a more pleasant scent than cedar.

  • The slotted and Phillips screwdrivers are the two predominately used types. Slotted ones have a flat tip and Phillips have a pointed, criss-cross end. Cheap, low-quality screwdrivers are worthless. Get screwdrivers with the bigger, softer handles.

  • Clean off the countertops by storing mail, keys, and to-do lists in an organized built-in desk. This feature helps keep the kitchen the place for cooking and dining exclusively.

  • The key to a tidy kitchen is efficient storage. Make the most of cupboard space by fixing racks and shelves inside your units – most kitchen suppliers offer a range of clever interior fittings to help you get organized.

  • A compact kitchen can be efficient, but not when it lacks storage. One way to stretch the space without compromising design is to extend the cabinets to the ceiling. Although a harder reach, it is the perfect solution for items you rarely need.

  • You can double your storage capacity in even the smallest of closets by adding two tiers of hanging rods instead of one. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to increase your closet space. However, don’t forget to leave a small portion for longer items so you don’t loose that length entirely for storage.

  • A long island has the ability to separate the kitchen from the living area while providing additional lower cabinet storage plus a great place to serve meals buffet-style.

  • Using plastic storage bins instead of cardboard is a wise choice in a garage or workshop. Plastic withstands heat better and will not mildew or hold moisture like cardboard.

  • Put pots and cooking utensils near the range so they will be handy when cooking. While storing silverware, tableware, cleaning utensils and dishes for leftovers are best kept near the sink area.

  • For easy storage, use an old silverware organizer in the bathroom or bedroom to organize brushes, combs, bobby pins, razor blades, and all sorts of other things that clutter your space.

  • When organizing, keep everything related to the task at hand within reach. Store detergent, softener, bleach and stain removers according to how regularly you use them.

  • To add functional work space to a compact kitchen, think about purchasing a small rolling cart that can be moved around easily to free up space. Plus, when entertaining it can be moved out of sight.

  • Two laundry room necessities include an ironing board and folding table which can easily be hung on walls or doors and be folded down as needed. Don’t forget these two features when designing your home.

  • Outside your closet, install a hook or pull-out rod for hanging dry cleaning before putting away or to plan outfits for the next work day. This is a simple yet effective organizing move.

  • Keep shoes stored up and away. Place shoes on shelves or racks or in clear or photo labeled boxes. Only put shoes on the floor if they are worn frequently otherwise they get too dusty.

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