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First Impressions: Exterior Design Ideas

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Kimberly Blackford   by Kimberly Blackford

As a homeowner, you know that a house is simply the building where you live.

It is structurally sound, efficient and does its job. However, your home is so much more. It's where you invite your friends and family to join in making new memories. Your home is infused with your personality, style, and charm. It is so much more than a house.

When building a new house it is important to incorporate those home qualities right from the start. Interior design is often overrun with your personal taste, while the outer appearance fades to the back of your mind. Exterior design is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your personal preferences to the entire neighborhood, reminding neighbors that you are building a home inside and out.

Florida Home Exterior Design

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Today's market for exterior design has options that will fit any personality. Color is flooding real estate, capturing the eye, inspiring homeowners and improving curb appeal. When planning your home's exterior colors, trims, railings, doors, and roofs should all be considered; the greater the exterior details, the more colors you can use. Though the palette of colors has expanded immensely, it is necessary to show some restraint when choosing, for example:

  • Colonial style homes are best finished with soft, reminiscent neutrals that capture the era while defining the details.

  • Southwestern style stucco homes are full of rich peaches and warm tones.

  • Victorian homes are often swathed in unusual and multiple colors spotlighting their intricate details.

  • Traditional designs can be decorated with stone, either natural or synthetic, to capture the home's historic charm.

  • Brick exterior also allows countless options by combining different brick colors and colored cement for the mortar joints for amazing impact.

Luxury Home Exterior Design

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There are no real restrictions on what styles can utilize what colors, however, do keep in mind that there are other rules about home exteriors. This is especially true in smaller towns or neighborhoods with homeowner associations. Check to make sure the color you love is an option where you build. Though color is a top priority in building a home with curb appeal, there are other components to consider:

  • Regular cleaning and sealing will keep driveways from looking worn and will enhance your home's beauty.

  • Functional objects, such as mailboxes and door handles, are often overlooked in terms of curb appeal. Whether plain or ornate, be certain that all are sturdy, clean and undamaged.

  • Lawn edges should be trimmed in order to define walkways and create clean lines.

  • Regular cleaning of your home's exterior will prevent the task from becoming overwhelming and time consuming. It also extends the life of your siding material.

  • Plantings in front of the home should be trimmed and minimized so focus is drawn to the home.

  • Pay close attention to blossom colors to keep from clashing with your home. Choose neutral tones for your exterior if you prefer to draw focus to the landscaping rather than the house.

Colonial Home Exterior Design

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Remember to pay close attention to your surroundings when discussing colors and landscaping. You want to ensure that your home is beautiful and unique while appropriate to the area in which you live. It is often a good idea to ask for opinions of neighbors and frequent visitors, as they can better evaluate color and layout options without bias. In the end, go with what you feel is best. Exciting color and regular maintenance will turn your new house into a beautiful, welcoming home.

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