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Outdoor Living Trends

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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford

With the downturn in the economy, homeowners have started to stay home more frequently and spend less money vacationing. They are looking for even more ways to make their home life relaxing and inviting. The “staycation” has become a way for homeowners to enjoy time they take off from work without escaping their home for another environment. Many of the trends this year fall right into place with this philosophy.

stunning covered outdoor living area with fireplace

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The extra money homeowners do have is being spent in creating a beautiful relaxing outdoor environment that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Primarily, homeowners are creating luxurious outdoor living spaces and outdoor kitchens where quality family entertaining can be enjoyed.

sprawling deck with comfortable outdoor furniture

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Gone are the days of plastic lawn chair leaving imprints on your arms and legs! Backyard furniture has gone stylish as well as comfortable. There are countless options on the market today that include lounges, outdoor sofas, chairs and other furniture pieces that will transform your outdoor living space into a space that will rival your interior spaces.

To coincide with the stylish furniture are many decorating options that add warmth and additional style to this area. Try throwing a plush outdoor rug under the furniture onto the deck and instantly this space appears warmer and full of added comfort. Include candles, pillows, plants and flowers for added color and charm and suddenly your guests will never want to leave. Many of these accessories and furniture pieces have fabric that is able to handle the extreme weather elements and resist fading in direct sunlight. So the bright colors popular today such as turquoise, greens, yellows among others will remain bright and vibrant all throughout the warmer months.

outdoor covered patio with flat screen television

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Other trendy accessories include outdoor lighting, vases, artwork and tables. And, if your budget is less limited perhaps a flat screen television in a partially covered outdoor space? That will even draw the couch potatoes out to enjoy the great outdoors!

beautiful mediterranean style outdoor living area

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Outdoor Kitchens Are Still Hot

Whether you’re just creating an outdoor kitchen space or you are expanding an area you created years ago, there are many things that can get your outdoor kitchen cooking from simple extras to more involved design ideas.

rustic outdoor kitchen

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To start, if you crave a fire source, get yourself a quality barbecue grill. There are so many choices from those that are mobile to built-in styles. And, many feature built-in stoves as well. So, the entire dinner can be cooked outdoors just steps from the patio table. Perhaps you want the warmth of a fire, but you aren’t much of a cook, why not add a fire pit with seating positioned around it? This will keep your outdoor living space in full swing all the way into the colder months.

partially covered outdoor living area with built-in fire pit

Besides a grill or fire pit, the outdoor living room and/or kitchen can feature outdoor ovens, refrigerators and sinks. If you decide to include such amenities into your outdoor living space, soon you will find everyone outdoors and ready for a party.


Tips for a Great

Outdoor Space

  • Breezy Conditions. Think about air movement especially if you live in a warm, humid climate. It’s doubtful you’ll enjoy this outdoor space if the air feels thick.

  • Something for everyone. Include seating and special areas for those who love the sun as well as those who shade themselves from it.

  • Get Cooking! Create an outdoor kitchen that people will want to become involved in. If you design a built-in grill or outdoor oven, make a brick pizza oven. The kids will get a kick out of making their own pizzas and watching them cook right before their eyes. Suddenly your outdoor living space sparks a new activity the whole family will enjoy!

  • Tranquility. Add a simple water feature whether it’s a table fountain or an elaborate Koi pond and suddenly relaxation is taken to a new height.

beautiful water pond adds tranquility to outdoor living area

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Whether you choose one or all of these great outdoor living trends, your backyard space will become more inviting, and comfortable; a place where all ages will want to gather and enjoy time together. Select some design ideas mentioned above for style and others for family enjoyment and you will create the perfect combination for memorable “staycations” all throughout the year!

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