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Outdoor Entertainment

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From gourmet kitchens to spa-like decor, the line between indoor and outdoor living has never been so thin.

Luxury Home Outdoor Entertainment Area
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Outdoor media is about to erase the line completely. With the right accessories and a hearty budget, outdoor living rooms can be exactly like their indoor counterparts – minus the ceiling.

Imagine a home's indoor theater: surround sound, cozy seats, and a big screen combine to create the perfect atmosphere to take in a family film. Today's technology is providing the same amenities out on the patio. Outdoor speakers are designed with exceptional sound quality that blends into the atmosphere. Speakers hidden as lights, fake rock, and even plantlife provide surround sound. These speakers can be arranged into a separate outdoor system or even be included into a home's wireless networking.

Once the sound has been set, the image becomes priority one. The pride of an indoor media center, flat panel televisions have been designed for weather resistance and extensive durability without suffering picture quality. Some screens are sheltered under porches or pool houses, while others are built directly into media centers that blend into the outdoor atmosphere when not in use. Also popular with homeowners, outdoor projectors and screens can be built directly into patio furniture for seamless decor.

Tudor Home Entertainment Area
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Outside of media equipment, do not forget the popularity of other outdoor entertainment. Outdoor game rooms are burgeoning from darts and lawn games to game tables like pool. Resistant to spills, humidity, and weather damage, outdoor game tables once sectioned off in basements are now designed for fun in the sun.

These are just a few of the popular items used to bring the indoor media out. Be sure to seek reviews of products before investing. Also be aware of safety precautions and special care certain products may require. While highly durable, some products may not be able to withstand the conditions of certain regional climates. Yet, with the right outdoor space and media influence, the backyard may just become the most popular “room” inside and out!

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