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living green

Living & Building Green

House Plans and More has created this special section that includes the latest facts and information about living and building green. Browse the categories below to find the information you need to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. From simple tips for making small changes, to building an entire home the "green" way, we've got all of the information you will need to become conscious of the earth.

featured green home plan

Featured "Green" Home Plan

This rustic design combines stylish stone and economical siding while solar panels and other energy efficient features create a home that is not only beautiful, but environmentally conscious as well.

Living & Building Green Resource Center

Click on the links below to unearth knowledge of environmental awareness for all aspects of your life.

energy efficient home plans

Energy Efficient Home Plans

Every home plan in this group offers increased insulation to reduce energy consumption, from either 2" x 6" exterior walls, insulated concrete form walls or expanding foam insulation.

building the green way


Learn a variety of ways to build and live a greener, more environmentally conscious lifestyle in this great article resource area. From energy efficiency and tax breaks, to organic lawn care and better air quality, there are many great tips and ideas for a better life.

green home builders

Green Home Builders

Here you will find several builders who specialize in building homes for their clients that incorporate green practices, products, and materials. These companies are on a mission to conserve the earth's resources.

green products and services

Green Products & Services

From painting to accessorizing, your new home reflects your personality in every way. Now you can decorate with eco-friendly furniture, paint and flooring without ever losing your sense of style.

green resouces

Other Green Resources

Our resource area includes information from books we recommend to blog links on maintaining and living green at a variety of levels. From recycling to growing your own organic vegetables, you'll find great info.

green terms glossary

Glossary Of "Green" Terms

Green lingo is everywhere you turn these days. Here, we list the true definitions of serveral terms you see and hear througout the media today. A quick review of these terms and you will quickly become eco-savvy.

eco friendly quick tips

Eco-Friendly Quick Tips

This quick list of tips is the perfect place to start if you plan on going "green." Browse this list and see where you can instantly start saving the environment and even become more money-conscious at the same time.

green faqs

FAQ's About Going Green

Discover the answers to many of the most common questions about green building, living, and the entire green revolution right in one place.