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green building & living articles


Intelligent building and material choices help create a home with better energy efficiency while using products that are not endangered or harmful to the environment. These articles below provide even more great ideas and concepts on how to go the extra step and live a greener, healthier lifestyle. These articles also offer even more energy efficiency techniques and ways to live green once your home is built.


Once only a trend, the "green" movement has become a standard social responsibility. When building your dream home, incorporate some or all of these terrific ideas featured in the articles below into your new or existing home to ensure that your environment thrives, you save money, as well as the earth.

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7 reasons to Build Green

Everyone knows that building green is better, but have you ever known why? This article details the statistics and pinpoints exact facts and figures why building green is the way to go in the future. If you don't know what building green will accomplish, then read this article for seven solid reasons why building green is better.

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Take small steps towards living a greener lifestyle with these 12 terrific suggestions on products and materials to begin incorporating into your home.

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Berm Homes - Living With the Earth

Berm style homes are making a comeback. Maybe it's the energy efficiency, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing style and resistance to natural disasters making them so popular. See why a berm home design may be perfect for you.

clean air quality outdoors

Clean Air Quality for Your Home

So many culprits determine the air quality inside your home. From dust to mold, there are countless things that can pollute the air you breathe inside your home. If you?re trying to live a greener lifestyle or you suffer from lung conditions such as asthma, this article is an important one to read.

Green Furniture Alternatives


Ready to live a greener lifestyle? Your quest for a greener life doesn't have to end with just building a green home. This article points out great green household products and materials available to homeowners today. Keep green living a part of your everyday life with some of these terrific products.

winter berries and cinnamon sticks

Eco-Friendly Holiday Home Decorating

Use the beauty of things found in nature such as pinecones, acorns, berries and pine to beautify your home this holiday season. Not just nostalgic, these items will create a "greener" home throughout the entire holiday season.

Energy Efficient Ideas for Your Home

Energy Efficiency: BUILDING BRIGHT

Conserving energy is on the forefront of everyone's mind lately. Finding ways to conserve energy within your home can make a big different to your wallet at the end of the year. Even though sometimes the changes are minimal, saving just pennies a day can result in a decent savings over a year's time. This article discusses ways to insulate and select doors and windows so you keep the temperature in your home where you want it.

House Plan Office

Efficiency Facts

These efficiency facts offer the latest ways to make your home better at conserving energy. Following one or all of these simple steps provide a way to live a greener lifestyle while saving you and your family money.

Green Building

Green Building

Even the very slightest change can make your house more green. Whether you're looking for better efficiency or you want to provide your family with a healthier environment. Building your home to be green will save you money in the long run. Learn more about green building right here. Even the smallest concept in green building can make a difference.

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There are countless ways to make your current life a little greener. From the finishes you choose within your home, to the type of clothing and make-up you use; living a little more "green" can be easier with these helpful hints and back-to-basics ideas.

craftsman style house design that is energy efficient

Greener Building and Living

There are a few main components to remember when trying to build and live a "greener" life. This article touches on three easy ways to build your home to be more energy efficient without investing in costly products and using common sense instead.

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If you think that dousing the grass in your yard with lots of chemicals to make it greener and healthier is the way to go, you are mistaken. Growing greener and healthier grass is as simple as taking some household items and adjusting your lawn's pH level and treating it a bit more gently.

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See how homeowners are getting smarter every year and using energy efficiency products, construction techniques, and cleaning methods to keep their homes in healthy condition for all of the members of their families.

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Before you begin scrubbing down the floors and cleaning all the woodwork this spring, there's some other areas of your home that are easy to tend to, but make a big impact on your family's safety and health. Take a look at these healthy spring cleaning tips.

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This is a great go-to list for making your home greener. From tax breaks to landscaping ideas for better efficiency, this quick guide will have your home greener in no time flat.

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How to Enjoy a Greener HOLIDAY SEASON

Some of the facts in this article about how much is wasted during the holidays is a bit startling, but read how very simple changes can allow you to use less during the holidays thanks to the three R's - reducing, reusing and recycling.

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How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Putting up a real Christmas tree is one step closer to living green, but carry it through and learn many ways to recycle your tree and make use of it outdoors and indoors.

Effecient Light Bulb

How Energy Efficiency = Tax Breaks

In October 2008, the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 was made a law. With the passing of this law came many ways for homeowners to take advantage of energy efficient product upgrades within their home, thus resulting in tax deductions for a homeowner. This article discusses some of the ways a homeowners can receive valuable tax breaks by making household improvements.

Ranch Home Landscaping Design

Landscaping With Local Plants

It seems like a no-brainer to incorporate local greenery and vegetation in your landscaping. Practical and popular, landscaping with local plants seems like an obvious choice, but most often homeowners select plants for their color or overall shape and not for what is best suited for their locale. Selecting plants that naturally grow in your area will save water while thriving easier for lower maintenance.

luxury log home thumbnail

Log Homes -The Original "Green" Home

The art of constructing a log home believe it or not helps make it one of the most efficient types of homes still being built today. See why log homes were way ahead of their time and are the original green home in a variety of ways.

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Natural Pest Control

When the weather turns warmer and you spend more time outdoors doing the things you love, soon you will realize you must take measures to control yourself and your gardens from pests such as ants, mosquitoes and termites. Here are several natural ways to carry this through without harming other living things.

rustic house plan with permeable paver driveway

Permeable Pavers - A "Green" Alternative for Landscaping

Who knew that even conventional concrete and asphalt deteriorate the environment? However, there are earth-friendly options for maintaining the driveway and walkways surrounding your home making it "greener" and safer for the environment.

mother and daughter sitting on floor

Radiant Floor Heating

The weather outside may be frightful, but here you sit on your hard wood floor in the dead of winter feeling all toasty. This is only a reality with radiant floor heating. Tubing with warm air or water is laid below the floor?s surface so that a steady, pleasant temperature can be achieved all throughout the year. This is just another way to make your dream home greener, more energy efficient and instantly livable in colder climate conditions.

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If you're in need of a new furnace, learn how to rid your new or existing home of drafts and maintain a cozy and inviting atmosphere all winter long. These tips for choosing the right furnace will have your home comfortable and running efficiently from the start.

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The Top Building Green Trends

We all know that building and living green has really caught on in the last couple of years, but now that many homeowners know the ins and outs of what it's like to live green, learn some of the up and coming green building trends and how to make your home even greener!

cottage style home with solar panel on the roof

What is Green Building Anyway?

So you think your home has to look and feel really modern in order for it to be green? This is not necessarily true. There are several ways to make your home a "green" one. Look for great ideas in this article that help make your home "greener".

organic apple tree

Why EAT Organic?

Still thinking that eating organic fruits and vegetables is just hype? After reading this article, you may feel differently. Studies show organic produce is a much healthier choice for people and the planet.