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Taylor Kirchwehm   by Taylor Kirchwehm

Have you ever wanted to just transport yourself to a Caribbean island where you could lay beachside? Or sail the blue Scandinavian waters on a private sailboat? Or how about hike through the African jungle?

There’s a much cheaper way to experience each of these three global personalities all in the comfort of your backyard. Follow these decorating ideas to transform your ordinary deck into an extraordinary global getaway!

Escape to your own personal backyard beach where vibrant colors, luxurious palm trees and relaxing lounge chairs are expected. 

tropical style deck


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To achieve the Caribbean look concentrate on these key things:

  • Kick back and relax.

  • Accessorize.

  • Accent with plants.

When you think of being beachside, relaxation is usually the first thing you think of. So creating a space where you feel relaxed is key to the Caribbean theme. To achieve a relaxing space, arrange hammocks, swings, or comfortable chairs with ottomans on the deck space. Island dwellers usually prefer chairs made out of wicker or rattan. So mix in both to keep the traditions of the island there.

Now that you have the major furniture picked out, it is time to accessorize and add those fun beach toys!

assorted colorful fish fabric swatches

Rough bleached wood or rugs made of woven grass are very common beach flooring. Choose fabric patterns that have fish, fruit or tropical flowers on them and make comfy pillows for your chairs. Side tables intermingled between the chairs can hold fresh fruit and Piña coladas. Place beach umbrellas and towels over the chairs, add tiki torches around the perimeter or leading to the getaway, and invest in some plastic tableware. These extra touches will all help energize your getaway even further.

The final step of the Caribbean look is adding an assortment of green foliage and tropical plants in containers around your deck space. This will give the perfect final touch to your beachside perch.

rustic backyard campfire

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Hike through your backyard to the ultimate Safari-style campsite.

To get the African Safari look:

  1. Stake out the perfect campsite.
  2. Set up camp.
  3. Add fun prints.
  4. Camouflage with plants.

You want to choose an open space such as a patio or roofless deck so you get the feel that you are in the middle of an African jungle. After you have found the perfect open space, place your main style centerpiece, a fire pit, on your patio. Now you can begin styling around it.

Every safari-style space needs an animal print rug on the floor for warmth and comfort underfoot. Safari-style furniture is usually easily transported and foldable for the trip through the jungle. Mix and match a variety of wood chairs, director’s chairs, and camp stools and position them circled around the fire pit. For enjoying the nighttime stars, add a hammock strung between two trees.

Now it is time to add the final touches to the furniture. Make those rugged chairs more comfortable with fun animal-print pillows and cushions. Floor pillows are also very outdoorsy and fun to add around the fire pit for additional seating. Wooden vases, baskets, lanterns, and earth-color dishes all add more African personality to your campsite.

Make sure to camouflage your campground with a variety of exotic grasses and plants so animals don’t ransack your campsite. Your Safari-style getaway is now ready to brave a night in the African jungle.

sleek backyard deck

Sail away on your own Scandinavian influenced private deck.

Begin casting away by:

    1. Neutralizing the deck and  furniture.
    2. Adding colors and patterns.
    3. Highlighting with nautical accessories.
    4. Decorating with flowers.

You want to paint your deck, porch, or patio white or use light wood surfaces to create a light-and-airy feel. To create a sense of shelter and privacy, add shutters or light, breezy fabrics around your porch or patio. Keep the same neutral theme going with your furniture, choosing pieces such as a classy dining table and small sofa with a white cover over it for easy washing. Add a few white wooden chairs for extra seating.

Spice up the neutral furniture and deck area with fun colors and patterns. To inject the nautical theme to the deck, lay red, white and blue fabrics over your plain surfaces. Make the chairs comfy by adding blue-and-red plaid or striped pillows to them.

nautical themed accessories

To further the Scandinavian influenced private deck; add oars, model ships, or buoys that coordinate with the red, white and blue color palette. Your nautical themed private deck is almost complete. Plant petunias, geraniums or old-fashioned annuals in red or blue garden pots and place them around your patio and you are ready to sail away on your crisp, nautical deck.

Whether you enjoy spending time beachside, hiking through exotic jungles, or sailing through the ocean blue there is an easy deck transformation for you!

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