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Kimberly Blackford by Kimberly Blackford

charming porch swing on a covered front porch

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Nothing quite says summer like sitting on the covered front porch of your home and enjoying a quiet balmy evening. Thoughts like this may even take you back to years ago when you could sit with family and swing on your front porch swing until late into the night without even needing a TV or computer in sight. Well, summers might be busier now than ever before, but one thing that will never change is the charm and nostalgia of a covered front porch or wrap-around porch on a home. Whether your home is Country, Craftsman or Plantation style, porches enhance the look of the exterior while providing it with some very much needed shady outdoor living space that will be appreciated as the dog days of summer start to approach.

symmetrical country home's covered porch



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Whether you have a deep covered front porch or a wrap-around style, there are countless ways to make your porch feel inviting and comfortable for all those who get the chance to enjoy it. Open style porches such as these can easily be decorated and furnished adding a great amount of curb appeal to the front exterior of your home. Just be sure to determine when throughout the day you will most likely use your covered porch and then plan your furniture arrangement to maximize comfort during this time. Evaluate when and where the sun hits your porch and create the perfect seating arrangement that offers both some sun and shade seating so it will appeal to everyone.



Casual and inviting covered porch



Looking for ways to create the perfect outdoor oasis on your covered porch?


Before you jump right in buying up all different kinds of furniture pieces and accessories, consider the style of your home. Maybe you love modern style and bold color. Well, if you live in a country home, sleek accessories are not going to feel “right”. Try using softer furniture pieces with bolder colors for a more balanced look. You can get the bolder colors from upholstery, pillows or even flowers in planters. Just remember to maintain some balance and shy away from mixing too many different styles. Balance will allow your covered porch to create a tranquil spot that invites relaxation.


covered porch with white wicker furniture


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Also, consider using natural materials and colors that will complement your home and are pleasing to the eye. So, wicker furniture in a variety of shades can look very appealing with a rustic country style home. If your home has lots of white wood trim and exterior details, then white wicker furniture and accessories would probably suit your home perfectly. Then, to add color, use color for your front door, shutters and trim.

When is comes to accessories, there are so many great places now to find wonderful outdoor pieces. These include outdoor artwork, rugs, plant stands, sculptures, vases, candles, lighting, tabletop waterfalls, wind chimes, etc… So, once you get your basic furniture arranged to your liking, have fun and play around with choosing the perfect accessories to complement your new outdoor living space. Be sure to avoid too much clutter when using decorative elements. If you go overboard with the extra knick-knacks, chances are your covered porch will look messy and unbalanced. This will take away from the overall curb appeal of your home. By choosing a few key decorative pieces, your porch can remain comfortable, clean, inviting and overall visually appealing.

country house plan with covered porch

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You can also use plants as accessories by adding vibrant bursts of color in the flower choices you make. Try selecting complementary color flowers or choose bold opposites for a special surprise. Flower planters are not only a beautiful accessory, but they can be natural barriers from the porch and the yard or one side of the porch to the other.

bold colors add contrast to this covered porch

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Two other great options for any covered porch are lighting and fans. Fans can really up your comfort level by offering a long-lasting breeze to stir up that humid summer air. And, many stylish fans include built-in lights for enjoying your covered porch long into the night whether quietly reading or playing games with family. Adding a lighting option will only provide longer amounts of time that you can use your porch and a circulating fan will keep everyone at their most comfortable. 

distressed bench adds charm to this covered porch

Take some or all of these covered porch design ideas and turn your covered or wrap-around porch into a space that rivals your home’s interior. Soon friends will stop by and never make it into your home they will be so charmed by your covered porch creation!


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