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rustic sunroom interior


Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

Are you looking for the perfect place for leisure and relaxation? Do you enjoy the outdoors? If this is the case, then it sounds like a sunroom would be an excellent addition to your home. Sunrooms are a great way to bring the outdoors inside without the interference of the weather and bugs. They add a feeling of openness and provide a great place to unwind and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. The extra space can be used for hobbies, exercising, entertainment and casual dining. Gardeners will love their new light-filled area to grow plants all throughout the seasons. Sunrooms also increase the resale value of your home and improve the quality of everyday living.

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stylish sunroom addition plan

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The first step when choosing a sunroom is considering the location of the room. Since most homes already have access to the outdoors at the rear of the home, many homeowners choose to build a sunroom over the existing back patio. It is often located just off the most commonly used rooms, like the kitchen or family room. Some sunrooms are an extended portion of an open kitchen plan where the part of the room that leads outdoors is converted into an informal dining area.  It is also important to consider the sunlight exposure for that space throughout the day. Determining how you will want to use the new sunroom will also help you make these decisions.

cozy and warm sunroom

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Be sure to take in consideration how the room will be used when choosing the size and materials of your sunroom. Cozy and comfortable is the way to go if it will be used for sitting and lounging. You will need ample storage space if it will be a game or playroom. Many sunrooms are used as a casual dining area, so be sure to have enough space for a table and chairs. No matter what the primary use, take caution not to clutter the space with accessories and too many plants. The main focus of the sunroom should be the view of the outdoors.

rustic and organically decorated sunroom

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You want your sunroom to blend in well with the surroundings and to look nice from both the outside and inside of the home. Most homeowners choose a versatile design that complements the existing architecture of the home. Traditionally, aluminum sunrooms have been popular on the market because they are lightweight, strong and cost efficient. This type of sunroom offers a good structural support system and incorporates single or double pane glass incredibly well. Vinyl sunrooms have been recently introduced to the market and are also very strong and durable. Although they tend to be more costly, vinyl sunrooms are thermally efficient and provide the best insulation for year round use. They utilize double pane glass and aluminum inserts that give durability and strength to the posts and beams.

Multiple, large windows are a defining characteristic of sunrooms. Abundant amounts of sunlight and temperature changes make choosing the right type of window treatments very important. Your decisions depend upon the necessity of regulating the sunlight and the extent of light available. Double glazed window panes help regulate the temperature differences. The midday summer sun can be controlled with the addition of curtains, blinds and/or shutters. Cotton, shear and lightweight fabrics work well as sunroom curtains. Stackable shutters are practical and can be put completely out of the way when not in use. Rolling blinds are easy to use and an efficient type of window treatment. Bamboo blinds add a natural look and can be rolled up easily when not needed. Soft, muslin window coverings are a nice touch and allow enough light in to see and enjoy the space without being overpowered with sunlight.

country decorated sunroom



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Flooring is also important to consider when adding on a sunroom. Many homeowners will build the sunroom walls based off the existing concrete patio. Stone is the best type of flooring because it absorbs heat during the day and retains it longer throughout the night to maintain that warm feeling. It is also easy to maintain and keep clean from messes caused from spills, plants and pets.


inviting vaulted sunroom





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Sunroom interior decorating varies from a wide range of expensive, fancy designs to do-it-yourself projects. Most homeowners furnish and decorate their sunroom in a casual style. Natural textures and earth tones, such as sunshine yellow, leafy green and sky blue, encourage the organic feel of a sunroom. Cozy area rugs can also incorporate naturalistic tones and designs to the sunroom. Since they allow plenty of sunshine, many people choose lightweight fabrics that do not fade easily. Furniture pieces that are light in style, such as wicker and rattan, are popular choices for an airy sunroom. Be sure to choose items for your sunroom that are comfortable and match the style of the room and home.

So if you want a private retreat, additional dining or more space for entertaining, a sunroom is an excellent choice. It will provide more living space and can be done for less than building on an additional room. Perfect for enjoying all throughout the year, adding a gorgeous sunroom to your home will definitely add value to your home and life.

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screened-in sunroom plan

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