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Outdoor Storage TIPS

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As more and more homeowners create backyard paradises with their outdoor living spaces, so do they accumulate more stuff in these spaces.

Outdoor Storage In Garage

What to do with it all? If you take a look around your backyard, it's possible there is quite an accumulation of stuff with no real spot to rest when not in use. At the end of the season, trying to find storage for all those items may be a homeowner's nightmare. Taking the time now to organize can keep your outdoor living space as functional as your indoors.

Outdoor Storage

First, look at everything you have to store. Are there pool toys, yard equipment, and gardening tools? What about the patio furniture- will cushions or frames need to come inside? If the items you have to store seem overwhelming for the basement or garage, it may be necessary to look into an outdoor shed. Some homeowners associations or zoning laws have restrictions on what can be built on a property. Yet some prefabricated storage sheds are the perfect size for housing all that outdoor living stuff without creating an eyesore.

Outdoor Storage For Garage
Photo courtesy of freedomRail

Once you know where everything will be going, think about how it should be held there. Special hooks and pegboard can keep weed wackers, hoses, shovels, and brooms off the floor, making the most of the vertical space. Shelving is useful especially when partnered with labeled containers of small items. Try storing things by use and by season. Containers can then be rotated to the front of the shed as necessary.

Outdoor Storage For Garden Tools
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Before you go sorting things into containers, be sure to evaluate all the items being stored. Are those inflatable pool toys used often or have they been replaced by something new? Are they broken or poor quality? Throw away or donate items that no longer serve a purpose to your outdoor living space. There is no point to storing useless junk! Be aware of moisture and the damage it can inflict on the items being stored. Pool toys may be fine in a covered plastic bin during the winter, but in the summertime, they may be better kept in a crate with holes so water can drain properly.

Outdoor Storage For Tools
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Also valuable to outdoor storage is multipurpose furniture. An outdoor bench may be your favorite spot to read in the shade, but within it could also be the perfect place to store picnic blankets or towels. Rolling carts can house outdoor kitchen items to be brought out when in use. Look for ways to make the most out of the space at hand. However your outdoor space gets organized, preparing it now can be a real time saver when the seasons change. Keeping your backyard paradise stress free is key to any homeowner's outdoor living.

Maximum Outdoor Storage
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