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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford


For many homeowners, the last consideration in a dream home is the outward appearance. The number of bedrooms and baths, the kitchen layout, and the amount of storage are certainly the first things on the mind. After that comes décor strategizing, which is unsurprising considering how much time one spends inside the home. Siding, roofing, and other exterior nuances are put off to the last moment. Therefore it may be surprising to hear that rustic country and log home styles are finding a new place in home building.


Once considered a simple look, log and country homes are so much more than a basic box-shaped home touched by nature. Today’s styles are warm, inviting, and just as varied as any other home plan. Both country and log homes can be simply rustic or ornately expansive. Technological advances and modern day conveniences are certainly not out of place in these current styles.

Beyond aesthetics, why choose a log or country home over anything else? It all boils down to the details. Logs are the only self-renewing building resource found in nature. The harvesting of logs leaves a smaller footprint than processing procedures of other resources. Not only do log home resources take less energy to produce, they save energy expenditure by the homeowner. Logs have a thermal mass that absorbs heat and slowly releases it over time. This ability to manage heat provides log homes with a better R-value than traditional insulation. The weather stays outside where it belongs and the HVAC bills remain within budget.

Additionally, logs are relatively easy for experienced builders to utilize. They are exceptionally strong; the frame of a log or timber frame home can often bear the entire weight of the structure. With proper treatment, logs are durable against all threats of weather and damage. Since logs “breathe”, moisture never builds up considerably, keeping away mold and insect damage. The sheer mass of the logs used in construction makes the home strong enough to withstand most severe weather. The nearly impervious structure of these homes is growing more attractive to financial and insurance institutions making it easier than ever for homeowners to get the proper financing and insurance for their desired dream home.

rustic Craftsman style home with natural landscaping

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Beyond the construction materials, log and country style homes offer landscaping opportunities that may not be supported by other home styles. When it comes to landscaping country and log homes, it is best to create a look that flows with the natural aesthetics of the architecture. You need plant life that appeals to the natural look without upstaging the visual appeal of the home itself.

First, take into consideration your climate and soil types. For many homeowners, low maintenance plants are ideal. The perfect option is native plants, however, this does not mean wild plants! While a perfectly orderly garden does not match the impression of your home exterior, an informal garden does not have to be out of control. Hardscaping such as trellises, stone pathways, fences and retaining walls manage the plant life and add an extra layer of visual interest.

rustic home plan with creek

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Before purchasing plants, take the time to look around and plan the space appropriately. Certain plant life cannot exist harmoniously together in one garden space. Some plants may require more care than you are willing to provide. Be realistic about the space you have available. It is important to plan and install all hardscape before natural life. Plants can grow around fences and paths. Trying to install hardscape after planting can damage much of your plant life.

patio and garden area of this rustic home

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If your space is limited, container gardening may be just the thing for your home. Teapots, watering cans, and even large jugs can house a great variety of plants. Be careful of keeping containers too close, as plants can blossom and strangle one another’s growth. Container gardening is also ideal for creating a warm front porch atmosphere. Remember that porches greatly impact curb appeal, so you want to keep the look inviting rather than overwhelming.

luxury log home backyard with fire pit

Photo Featuring Home by REAL LOG HOMES®,, Photographer Roger Wade Studios


With rustic homes gaining popularity, it may be a good idea to examine exterior options before you settle on a home plan. Log and country home plans offer a fun opportunity to build a dream home that dares to step out of the box. Anyone can have a cookie cutter home, but a one-of-a-kind look is truly a dream.

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