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Lesson Plans For At Home Learning

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The Internet offers a vast treasure trove of lesson plans covering many different subjects and skill levels. Children, parents and teachers can use the following lesson plans spanning ages five through ten to add fun and educational lessons and activities to their daily studies. These plans are useful for those who are teaching homeschooling, being homeschooled or to reinforce learned materials. Spicing up a new lesson or subject with a fun and engaging activity can spark a child’s desire to learn and discover. Have fun and learn at the same time with these great resources!

Social Studies

  • Social Studies Lesson Plans – The Educator’s Reference Desk provides subcategories of lesson plans under the Social Studies heading, including Civics, Anthropology and Economics. Most of the plans span grades three through five.
  • Tides for Teachers Social Studies Lesson Plans – This site provides second grade social studies lesson plans with titles such as “Children in Mexico.”
  • EMC Social Studies Lesson Plans – The Education Materials Center offers a wide variety of lesson plans in social studies for students of all ages.
  • Library of Congress Lesson Plans – Sponsored by the Library of Congress, this site groups Social Studies lessons under subheadings and by grade level. Each grade is represented.
  • Econopolis: Teacher’s Corner – Designed especially for elementary students, this fun, interactive site teaches kids about money in a journey to the fictional town of Econopolis.
  • SCORE History/Social Science – Sponsored by Schools of California Online Resources for Education, this site offers social science and history lessons for grades kindergarten through eight.
  • LETSnet Social Studies Lesson Plans – Provided by the Michigan State University College of Education and Ameritech, this site offers units and activities on subjects including Ellis Island and Pocahontas for all grades.
  • Holocaust Lesson Plans – Produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, this site offers holocaust lessons for pre-kindergarten through grade five.
  • Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers – Sponsored by California State University, Northridge, this site offers a large amount of lesson plans for all grades in all aspects of social studies.


  • Math Lessons That Are Fun! – Produced by Rice University, this site features fun elementary mathematics lessons on subjects including infinite series and patterns.
  • Mathematics –Mathematics lesson plans for grades kindergarten through three are featured on this site, with topics like addition, subtraction and estimating with money.
  • Math Lessons – This site features lesson plans on numbers and operations appropriate for grades kindergarten through five.
  • U.S. Mint Lesson Plans – Click on the mathematics tab on the website to see math lesson plans for kindergarten through grade 12.
  • FEMA for Kids: Disaster Math – Produced by FEMA, this site offers a quiz of word problems having to do with disasters, with the answer key available. It is best used with grades three through five.
  • Tennessee Sports Math Project – In a unique idea, this site incorporates sports topics into mathematics to make learning more fun for elementary students.
  • First Grade Math Resources – This website provides first grade mathematics topics and operations.
  • Academy Curricular Exchange – Mathematics – A variety of elementary math lesson plans for grades K through 5 is offered here.
  • Lesson Plan Library: Mathematics – A wide array of math lesson plans for grades kindergarten through twelve are featured on this website.
  • Problem Solving for 3rd-4th through 12th grade – This site provides a variety of word math problems spanning third through twelfth grade level.


  • Solar System Exploration – Produced by NASA, this website offers resources under the Galileo Education Program on topics covering the solar system for older elementary students.
  • SEGway Lessons – Sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley, this site provides science lessons on astronomy and the solar system for all grade levels.
  • SMILE Program Chemistry Lesson Index – By clicking on the Chemistry tab on the home page, you may access a variety of chemistry lessons for elementary and secondary students.
  • Amazing Space – Tools: Online Explorations – Fun online interactive lessons in space and astronomy are offered here.
  • CERES Project Educational Activities – By scrolling down the page, you access a list of clickable lessons on the solar system, appropriate for all ages.
  • Teacher Developed Earth and Space Science Lesson Plans – This site offers a vast array of lesson plans for all ages in the earth and space sciences that were developed by teachers.
  • EPA Teaching Resources – Sponsored by the EPA, this site features categories for teaching resources including air, water and recycling appropriate for all ages.
  • New Jersey Marine Science Consortium Lesson Plans – The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium provides these lessons in clamshells, seashell homes, beach profiling and more for all ages.
  • General Biology Lesson Plans – Provided by the University of Arizona, this site offers lesson plans on general biology topics like insects and plants. It is appropriate for elementary aged students.
  • SEA K-12 Lesson Plans – The Sea Education Association makes these lesson plans for kindergarten through grade 12 available, on topics including marine biology and oceanography.
  • USGS Lesson Plans – This site provides lesson plans for grades kindergarten through six, on biology, geology, geography and water.
  • Second Grade Jeopardy Science – A fun, interactive version of the television game show “Jeopardy” is provided here, with questions on plants, animals, weather and more. It is directed toward second grade students.

Language Arts

  • Exemplar Lessons: Language Arts – Sponsored by the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, this site provides printable language arts lessons for grades K-12 on grammar, vocabulary and literature.
  • Language Arts – This site provided by Kennesaw State University in Georgia features lesson plans for elementary students on grammar, literature and writing.
  • WebQuest Reviews – This New Zealand site offers listings and reviews by teachers of language arts web quests for kindergarten through sixth grade.
  • Lesson Plan Listing – Produced by a Michigan school district, this site features many lesson plans in language arts and other categories, organized by grade level and subject.
  • Diversity Activities for Elementary School – Lessons for preschool through fifth grade on various cultures and ethnicities are featured here.
  • Columbia Education Center Language Arts Lesson Plans – A huge collection of language arts lesson plans is listed here, organized by grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12.
  • Learn NC Language Arts Lesson Plans – The UNC School of Education provides these lesson plans for all grade levels on stories and literature.
  • Yale Reading/Language Arts Lesson Plans – Elementary school lesson plans on creative writing, various types of literature and reading strategies are offered here.
  • First Grade Language Arts Resources – Scrolling down the page to Language Arts reveals lesson plans for first grade including writing prompts, high frequency words and vowel sounds.
  • EDSITEment Language Arts Lesson Plans – Lesson plans are searchable here by grade level and subject, and feature great works of literature and cultural storytelling.


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