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This page provides information on how to use our website. For other questions, please see frequently asked questions or contact us.

If you need assistance purchasing a house plan, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. If you already know your plan number, search for the plan from the home page and click on the picture of your new home. On the plan detail page select "PURCHASE THIS PLAN" to the right of the rendering.

There are a number of options when purchasing a plan, so we offer this guidance:

Study Set: We offer a one-set plan package so you can study your home in detail. This one set is considered a study set and is marked "not for construction". It is a copyright violation to reproduce blueprints.

5-Set: If you're ready to start the construction process, this 5-set package is the minimum number of blueprint sets you will need. It will require keeping close track of each set so they can be used by multiple subcontractors and tradespeople.

8-Set: For best results in terms of cost, schedule and quality of construction, we recommend you order eight (or more) sets of blueprints. In addition to one set for yourself, other sets of blueprints will be required by your mortgage lender, local building department, general contractor and all subcontractors working on foundation, electrical, plumbing, heating/air conditioning, carpentry work, etc.

Reproducible: If you wish to make some minor design changes, you’ll want to order reproducible masters. These drawings contain the same information as the blueprints but are printed on reproducible paper that clearly indicates your right to alter, copy or reproduce. This will allow your builder or a local design professional to make the necessary drawing changes without the major expense of redrawing the plans. This package also allows you to print copies of the modified plans as needed. The right of building only one structure from these plans is licensed exclusively to the buyer. You may not use this design to build a second or multiple dwelling(s) without purchasing another blueprint. Each violation of the Copyright Law is punishable in a fine.

CAD Package: A CAD package is a complete set of construction drawings in an electronic file format. They are especially beneficial if you have a significant amount of changes to make to the home plan you have selected or if you need to make the home plan fit your local codes. If you purchase a Builder’s CAD Package, you have the option to take the plan to a local design professional who uses AutoCAD or DataCAD and they can modify the design much easier and quicker than with a paper-based drawing, which will help save you time and money. Just like our reproducible master, with a Builder’s CAD package you will receive a one-time build copyright release that allows you to make changes and the necessary copies needed to build your home.

PDF File Format: A PDF file is a complete set of construction drawings in an electronic format that allows you to resize and reproduce the plans to fit your needs. Since these are electronic files, we can send them to you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri, 7:30am to 4:30pm CST) via email and save you shipping costs. They also offer printing flexibility by allowing you to print the size and number of sets you need. Note: These are not CAD files and cannot be altered electronically.

Mirror Reverse: Plans can be printed in mirror reverse. These plans are useful when the house would fit your site better if all the rooms were on the opposite side than shown. They are simply a mirror image of the original drawings causing the lettering and dimensions to read backwards. Therefore, when ordering mirror reverse drawings, you must purchase at least one set of right-reading plans.

Right-Reading Reverse: Plans can be printed in reverse. These plans are useful when the house would fit your site better if all the rooms were on the opposite side than shown. They are simply a mirror image of the original drawings. Unlike mirror reverse, the lettering and dimensions are printed correctly and are not backwards.

Material List: To enhance the quality of our blueprint packages, we offer one of the most precise and thorough material lists in the industry. An accurate and detailed material list can save you a considerable amount of time and money. Our material lists give you the quantity, dimensions, and descriptions of the major building materials necessary to construct your home. You'll get faster and more accurate bids from your contractors and material suppliers and you'll save money by paying for only the materials you need.

Foundation: Foundation choices vary from plan to plan. If your foundation choice is not available with the plan, please check with your builder to see if the foundation can be accommodated. This can be fairly easy to modify during construction.

Please read our Terms of Sale before you make a purchase.

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Shipping Shipping and handling rates depend on the products you select to purchase, point of origination, destination, and delivery method. You will view the shipping charges prior to entering your credit card information. For simplicity, we do not separate shipping and handling charges. Typical shipping and handling charges for a plan are:

Shipped from and to US 1-4 Sets 5-7 Sets 8 Sets / Repro / CAD
Regular (7-10 days) $15.00/td> $17.50 $25.00
Priority (3-5 days) $35.00 $40.00 $45.00
Express (1-2 days) $50.00 $55.00 $60.00
Shipped from or to Canada 1-4 Sets 5-7 Sets 8 Sets / Repro / CAD
Standard (8-12 days) $35.00 $40.00 $45.00
Express (3-5 days) $75.00 $85.00 $95.00

Rates are subject to change without notice.

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You can perform several searches on our site. From the home page you can search for an individual plan if you know the plan number. Menu options allow you to search by the style of home, most popular homes, and our noted Signature Series plans. Additionally, you can specify your requirements in our primary search page.

You need not make a selection for every search criteria. Search results will simply not be limited by any criteria not completed. Additionally, you can specify up to three priorities for your home. Your search results may be sorted by percent of the criteria matched, best selling homes, total living area square feet, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and estimated cost to build.

In order to accurately search for estimated cost build, you must supply your zip or postal code.

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Guide to Style

Cabin - A cabin is fitting for a rural area or resort. It offers a comfortable shelter from the elements, but retains rustic charm. Cabins can be characterized by use of traditional materials, or modern materials that maintain an earthy appearance. Fireplaces are common. A cabin may feature porches with the main entrance opening up to a sitting room.

Colonial - A colonial home can be identified by its gambrel roof with narrow or flared overhangs. The roof is typically shingled. The shape of the roof allows for a spacious second story attic. The attic usually has window or shed dormers. Many have one or two porches or a garage on the sides. The house is symmetrical with double hung windows. The entrance may include a pediment, pilasters or both.

Contemporary - A contemporary home does not follow a particular pattern. The exterior is asymmetrical with walls of different heights and shapes. Window sizes will also vary. The roof is a combination of gable, cross gable, side gable and shed. The entrance door is usually recessed. The interior may have vaulted ceilings, skylights, combined rooms, and ample use of glass.

Country/Victorian - A home that is often asymmetrical with more than one-story. The roof is irregular with gables facing several directions. The front entrance is dominated by a porch, frequently "L" shaped. The plan allows each floor to be independent. The windows are mostly double-hung. The living room is usually located in front.

Log - Rustic house composed primarily of large pine logs.

Luxury - A home with many extra details demanding fine materials and craftsmanship, often large with considerable space for bedrooms, baths, storage, and entertaining areas. May feature extra areas not found in most homes.

Multi-Family - Building structures featuring two or more distinctive living areas, separated by walls and floors.

Narrow Lot - Home featuring a small footprint with minimal measurements across the front (width) of the house.

Ranch - A ranch is simply a one-story, one-and-a-half story, or split level home. The main living area is several steps above grade. Usually a rear glass door leads to the back area of the lot.

Sunbelt - One or two story house with its roots in Mediterranean, particularly Spanish, architecture. These homes often feature low pitch hip roofs, clay tile roofing, wide eave overhangs, and large first floor windows. Some have an outwardly projected main entrance or a dominant front porch if the entrance is recessed. Balconies and iron railings are frequently found on two-story versions. The exterior siding may be stucco or brick veneer.

Traditional - The roof is generally side gable, but some have front and wing gables. The exterior siding may be shingles, clapboard, vinyl, cedar, aluminum, or brick veneer. The roof is mostly shingles and the windows double-hung.

Tudor - The home is typically more than one story. The exterior siding may be brick, stone or stucco. Chimneys are a prominent feature. The roof is a steep side gable with one or more dominant steep cross gables and may have multiple dormers. Some styles have heavy exposed timbering or dark-colored stucco. Roofing is usually shingles or slate.

Vacation/Cottage - The house is used as a secondary or recreational residence. It may be small, offering simple facilities. Windows are typically double hung, but there may be sizable, distinctive windows or sliding glass doors in the front or rear. The roof is shingled or shakes. The house usually features a deck or porch.

Waterfront - The house has large porches and balconies stretching across the entire front or rear. There are ample windows, often large, particularly on the elevation featuring the porch or deck. Two stories are common, but may feature one level. The house may have a pier foundation. Parking may be underneath the home.

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Estimated Cost to Build

All house plans on HousePlansAndMore.com include an estimated cost to build. The estimates are provided on various pages throughout this site, including search results and views of individual plans. Additionally, you can search our house plan database by estimated cost to build.

To find the estimated cost to build, you must provide the zip or postal code for the new home site because location affects construction costs. All US zip and Canadian postal codes are acceptable. However, the actual cost to build in some Canadian postal codes, particularly in remote areas, can vary substantially. All results are presented in US dollars.

About the Cost to Build

Many web sites selling house plans have a simple estimation procedure considering only the region of the US and the square feet of the house. As you would suspect, not all 2,000 square feet homes cost the same to build, as this simple calculation would suggest.

Design America, Inc. has sold house plans for more than twenty years and has a skilled technical staff. We are familiar with the best tools for estimating the cost to build in your area. The model we use is updated several times a year to accommodate local price changes.

The factors in our estimating model include square feet, zip or postal code, and actual features of the house plan to determine a more accurate calculation.

What is included in our estimate

The estimated cost to build is based on the floor plan depicted on this web site with the specified standard materials and foundation provided by the plan's designers. Please review the list below for several major items included and excluded from the estimate. Note this is only a partial list.


  • Standard foundation
  • Forced air heating and cooling
  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Cost of having a builder
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Interior finish consistent with the overall quality of the home

  • Lot
  • Anything other than basic, flat site preparation
  • Appliances
  • Landscaping
  • Bonus rooms
  • Finishing basements unless a finished basement is standard with the plan
  • Driveways
  • Structural adjustments for earthquake and severe weather
  • Limitations
The cost estimating process we use involves several variables describing the structure of the home, recent local building costs, and subjective variables. We think you will find it a useful tool for narrowing your home search and comparing similar plans. However, like any formula-based model, it is impossible to predict the exact cost to build your home. Therefore, we make no assurances that the cost quoted on this web site will reflect the final cost of your home. Before building one of our plans, it is always best to review the cost and your budget in detail with a qualified builder.

There are many reasons the cost to build your home may be different from our estimates on this site, including but not limited to:

  1. Building a home involves many choices, including flooring, windows, trim work, cabinetry, fixtures, and dozens more. Upgrading features and improving building quality can easily increase the cost of a home by thousands of dollars.
  2. Home building involves many negotiated transactions. Your skills finalizing favorable terms and seeing that quality work is performed in a timely manner will affect your final price.
  3. The home is built on a different foundation than the standard foundation specified in the plan.
  4. The lot you choose may provide certain construction challenges for your builder.
  5. Materials and labor are subject to change based on fluctuations in supply and demand.
  6. Luxurious homes garner much of their expense from details, craftsmanship, and choice materials. The price you pay for a luxurious home will reflect these choices and will vary considerably from the estimates on this site.

We provide estimates on this site to help you narrow your search for plans that may be within your budget. To get a better estimate for a home constructed to your specifications, consult a respected builder.

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You can save any home plans to your favorites. You will be asked to enter an email address. Providing an email address saves your favorites in our database so you can review them any time from any computer. You can still save your favorites without supplying an email address. However, your favorites will be stored on your computer and you may not be able to view them after a period of time, depending on your computer settings.

We periodically purge old records from our database. If you do not use favorites for an extended period of time, we may delete your information.

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Your Plan Catalog
Your Plan Catalog allows you to print any house plan you click and add to your catalog in a well-organized, easy-to-read format ideal for reviewing with clients, family and friends. Especially useful for builders meeting with clients, Your Plan Catalog allows you to present a professional plan page that includes all the information for that plan including the blueprint options available for purchase. This is just one more way houseplansandmore.com provides you with the plans and resources you need to make building your dream home easier.

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Compare allows you to place home plans side by side in a printable format so you can compare similar plans to one another ensuring you choose the perfect home plan for you and your family. The compare page shows you all of the main plan specifications as well as special features, pricing and an image so you can choose the best home to fit your needs.

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