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Fun Lesson Plans for Art Teachers

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Art is an important part of a well-rounded education. Teachers are charged with the task of engaging students through creative and educational lessons that teach many different types of art. The Internet is a great tool for teachers to plan their lessons. There are many fun art lesson plans to help make the classes more fun and interesting. Here is a list of art lesson plans to share with your classroom.

  • Lesson Plans: Huntsville City Schools provides a wealth of art lesson plans for K-12 students.
  • Arts Edge: The Kennedy Center offers an extensive collection of art lessons.
  • Allegory in Painting: The National Endowment for the Humanities provides an art lesson plan to introduce the idea of allegory in art.
  • More Lesson Plans: The Educator’s Reference Desk provides a number of lesson plans covering art history, visual arts, and more.
  • Art Education: The Getty Museum offers a searchable database of art lesson plans by grade and subject.
  • Art & Design: Smithsonian Education provides a collection of art lessons for K-12 students.
  • For Teachers: Art on Air offers a number of interesting art lessons like “Mask-making Guide”, “Cut-paper Collages”, and more.
  • Surrealism: These lesson plans focuses on Salvador Dali and the surrealist movement.
  • NGA Classroom: The National Gallery of Art provides a host of art teaching resources like interactive lesson plans, games, activities, and more.
  • Publications for Educators: The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides a lot of materials for art teachers to be used in the classroom.
  • Keith Haring: The lesson plan introduces Grade 7 students to the concept of symbolism.
  • Art Lesson Plans: The Huntington Art Gallery provides some interesting lesson plans for K-12 students.
  • Art Lessons: Get these fun art lessons from Crayola.
  • Visual Art Lessons: The California State University, Chico offers a good collection of lesson plans for K-6 students.
  • The Artist’s Toolkit: The page provides an interactive lesson where students can explore artistic tools like balance, color, and line.
  • Lesson Planning: The National Art Education Association offers essential resources for art educators.
  • Online Resources: The Museum of Modern Art some interesting online teacher resources for K-12 teachers.
  • Lessons: The page provides a number of art lessons including figure and portrait drawing, cubism, clay lessons, and more.
  • Architect Studio: Come here to design a house with Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Living Color: Teach students about colors with this online lesson.
  • Online Lessons: The page provides online lesson plans for art teachers.
  • Ideas for Teachers: The Avalon Arts Studio offers some great ideas for art educators.
  • Origami Whale: Hardin County Schools provides instructions on folding a paper whale.
  • Aboriginal Art: A webquest to learn about Canadian aboriginal art.
  • Teacher Lesson Plans: The National Gallery of Canada offers some lesson plans for art teachers.

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