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Beyond Blueprints: A Kids Education Center for Careers in Design and Construction

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Have you ever wondered how roller coasters, skyscrapers, and bridges were built? What about how houses were constructed and decorated? Then you may have considered becoming an engineer, an architect, a construction worker, or a designer when you grow up. How do you know if a career in design or construction is suited for you? Look to your hobbies and interests. Perhaps you enjoyed building blocks, construction toys, or woodworking. Maybe you paint your room, rearrange your furniture and decorate your space every so often. If so, you just may have a career in design or construction ahead of you. Well look no farther, the following resources will teach you about careers in design and construction as well as the important people involved in creating all the structures that amaze you.

Careers in Design

All your favorites such as trains, bridges, roller coasters and even spaceships begin with an engineer. Some Engineers design airplanes, railroads, bridges or spacecrafts. Engineers use math and science principles to provide solutions to society’s problems. Many engineers specialize in certain areas. Civil engineers design and oversee the construction of roads, buildings and bridges. Structural engineers construct drawings for contractors and construction workers to use. Architects design skyscrapers, schools, homes, and museums. They focus on making sure a structure is not only attractive and functional, but is safe. Architects are artists as well. They use shapes, patterns and textures to create different styles of design. And designers blend aesthetics, or the look and feel of a place, with the functionality of a space. Their goal is to make a space, whether it be a home or business, pleasing to look at as well as functional and comfortable to live and work in.

Careers in Construction

After the engineer and architect design someone has to build their vision. During the building process the engineer and architect head the construction process. They make sure their vision is properly followed. They rely on the keystone of the project, the construction foreman. The construction foreman leads the construction crew. A construction foreman makes sure the electricians, carpenters, construction workers and bricklayers are all doing their job properly.

Electricians install all the electrical wiring and power systems in homes, business and schools. They use the architects or engineers blue prints to know where to put circuits and outlets. Carpenters construct and install carpet, molding and other objects in buildings. Carpenters specialize in many different areas. A trim carpenter installs door, window and ornamental molding or trim. A cabinetmaker designs and creates kitchen and bathroom cabinets and much more. A bricklayer does more than lay brick. Bricklaying is an art. A bricklayer forms a uniform and strong foundation. There is a lot of responsibility for those who work in construction. They all work together to create safe, functional and creative structures.

Educational Materials and At Home Activities

Want to learn first hand how to build a roller coaster or a bridge? Maybe design your own home? Whether you’re at school or at home you can learn about the power of architecture. It’s easy to get hands on experience even if you’re just a kid!

Design and Construction Safety

How a structure is built and designed is important. The safety of individuals rely on it. At the end of the building process building or construction inspectors make sure that roller coasters are safe to ride, bridges are sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight and our homes are safe. Before structures are safely built, the construction area must be safe for all workers. No matter the task or project knowing how to use tools properly can save a life. Safety is key for the welfare of all participants.

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