build a home with a vaulted ceiling from the start

Must-Have Options When Building A Home


One of the first things that we wanted to do once we moved into our new home was work on the some of the extras that we decided to wait “to do” until we moved in. Some of these can really start to add up when building a new home and trying to determine what features you want the builder to include. After all, moving into a new home is expensive from start to finish, and you have to draw the line somewhere! Read more

falling rain

Dealing With Home Building Delays

My husband and I knew the minute everything was set with the builder and the next step was digging the foundation, the weather was just bound to get bad. We couldn’t have predicted that any better even if we were weathermen! Our foundation was supposed to be dug about 4 days ago now, and since that day we’ve had a lot of rainfall. Read more