Choosing a Lot Location & Staking the Lot

It’s been a few days since our final contract meeting and my husband met our building supervisor at our lot to see the stakes that show the perimeter of our house and where the foundation will be.

Our lot seemed big when it was empty and when it had no markers on it. But, after staking out where the house would be, our lot really seemed to really shrink. As long as we have a small backyard, we are finelot for home. We do intend on fencing the perimeter, so it may feel even a bit smaller, but it will make life so much easier since we hope to have a fairly flat yard with a patio right off the breakfast room. We opted away from house designs with walkout basements because we didn’t want to take steps down to the backyard. With a deck, I always feel limited with space and I don’t like the idea of feeling disconnected for the actual yard, high above it. At least, it’s not my first preference. We want our barbecue grill and patio right outside the door of the breakfast area for entertaining and overall ease of living. This will also expand our living area to the outdoors like the great outdoor living areas you see many homeowners adding today. Plus, our dogs can run right out the door when they need to go outside.

In regards to lot selection, it’s important to think about not only the lot you plan to build on and how the slope of the lot could affect the type of home you build, but also think about the neighborhood and location of your house in general. I found some great articles in the Getting Started section of House Plans and More’s Resource Center about many of these subjects, and they were very helpful in determining what were the most important things in a location and lot for us. Building on a smaller lot is may seem like a hindrance, but in all actuality, there are many things that can make a smaller lot more attractive overall. Price, maintenance, and creative, functional home design all come to mind as positives when building on a smaller lot. And, in regard to selecting a neighborhood in general, we definitely wanted an area with consistency in the quality of the homes around us (better resell value for the future), close proximity to family members already living in the area (especially our parents and children), overall convenience to the places we enjoy going regularly, and our ease with work commutes. Our lot location met all of these requirements and will allow our lives to be easier and less stressful on a daily basis.

So, now that the lot has been staked, the builder thinks the digging of the foundation is only moments away.

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  • December 14, 2015 at 7:04 pm

    fordman99 got it.Sometimes it helps to pressure wash both the old and new (after it cures scliiufentfy) slabs.Check w/your concrete guy for the cure time on the new slab


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