Framing Materials Arrive And Framing Begins

This is the part of the building process where things really start to happen! Now that the foundation has cured, framing can begin. Framing a house tends to go very fast and seeing our home come to life is truly amazing. I know, I know; homes are built every day, so why is this so exciting? Well, in so many ways, home building is an incredible process that takes so many working parts, and merges people and materials together to create often a one-of-a-kind home. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. My husband and I are already amazed at how it’s all coming together so nicely.

trusses delivered for roof
Our home will have 2” x 4” exterior walls. This type of wall construction is pretty common, actually. However, there are many house plans with 2” x 6” exterior walls being built all across the country and in many regions such as the northern states, 2” x 6” must be built in order to meet local code requirements. Although 2” x 6” walls can be more efficient overall, our home is implementing several energy efficient features such as energy efficient windows, water heater, and furnace, so we should be fine with 2” x 4” exterior walls.

Trusses are the type of roofing construction our builder is using when constructing our home. Trusses are typically lightweight and easy to install and allow for plumbing and electrical to be added without any issues. They also adhere to industry standards and code compliance, so the project can run smoothly throughout their installation without any surprises. Plus, trusses tend to generate less waste on the jobsite and less chance of lumber theft, which I really like the idea of being conscious of waste and the environment.

ready for house framing

If you’re building, this is the time where weekly visits are not going to be often enough. A lot can happen in one day and if possible, visit the home site every day so you can stay on top of the building process, because things can change quickly.

house framing beginsI can give you an example. First, when meeting with the building supervisor he mentioned the master bedroom closet no longer has a “bump out” in it because they’ve relocated a vent from the basement going out of the house that went up through the master bedroom closet on the original house blueprints. With this change, the closet would be exactly rectangular in shape. But, within the first day or so of framing, the bump out took shape in our closet. Luckily, they had the added framing for the jog, bump out in the wall removed within a day.

home framingYou know your new home better than anybody, and especially the customizing changes you wanted to make to the original house plans. It’s a great idea to stay on top of the modifications since the contractors aren’t going to be used to building the house plans like that if they build a plan often.

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