Dealing With Home Building Delays

My husband and I knew the minute everything was set with the builder and the next step was digging the foundation, the weather was just bound to get bad. We couldn’t have predicted that any better even if we were weathermen! Our foundation was supposed to be dug about 4 days ago now, and since that day we’ve had a lot of rainfall.

falling rain

Luckily, our builder takes these types of holdups into account when discussing the finish time with his clients. And, he builds a few extra weeks into the schedule, so chances are; we’re still on track. However, waiting is brutal. And, I’m about ready to get out there myself with a shovel in hand and get things started!


So, we patiently wait for the weather to cooperate and we still visited our lot over the weekend in hopes something was started. Selecting a lot for your home is often not an issue because perhaps you inherited land from a family member, or already had a piece of property you have always wanted to build on. For us, we had a few lot choices and we definitely wanted something with some space for our dogs. It didn’t have to be a lot of space; in fact, we’d prefer to keep the size manageable when it comes to maintaining the lawn and landscaping. But, we definitely wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any commercial buildings behind our house that could affect our property value someday, or any other surprises for that matter. Our lot is what I would consider narrow. Narrow lot home plans are popular today because of the cost of land. Builders today maximize the space of a narrow lot by filling it with the finished home, so like I said, there usually isn’t much land left after adding deep lot house plans like ours to today’s smaller lots.

However, the weather delay gave us time to look at our lot and it brought about some questions we wanted to ask our building supervisor regarding the backyard slope. Our lot is basically flat until the rear portion at the lot line, and then it has a very steep hill (pretty much straight up). At the top of the hill are some lovely trees that we will really appreciate when the leaves fill in. We plan to add a fence to keep the dogs where they need to be, and that fence must follow the perimeter of our lot according to the bylaws of our area. When looking at our backyard, the slope is definitely too steep and it seems that hill needs to be graded out a little or filled in to make that fence follow the perimeter like it should. We brought this up to the building supervisor and he took our thoughts into account and will make certain we get the best lot possible in the end.

I have a feeling once the foundation has been dug that dirt will automatically fill the yard, so it’s possible the hill in the back will be majorly minimized.

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