Finalizing Our New Home’s Contract

With all of the color selections and materials chosen, the final piece of the puzzle prior to construction was to have a final meeting with the builder and go over all of the structural changes we decided to make in the initial contract and give the builder 3.5% to start construction. Every last detail needed to be accounted for in the final contract. Basically, our builder wanted to be able to look at the contract and know exactly what materials, upgrades or floor plan changes needed to occur without going back to us with questions. So, one evening we sat down with the building supervisor and went item by item through our contract.

Construction Deal

We started by reviewing the upgraded exterior components that included the stone and carriage garage doors. Then, we went room-by-room through the house and verified any changes from the original house blueprints. The spec home showed the stairs to the basement being open and finished in a decorative way that included a cool lighting fixture over the staircase, an art shelf on the landing down the stairs, and a fixed rectangular window behind the light fixture. Although the spec home had this, we found out it is not standard on the blueprints to be finished this way. So, it’s very important to ask your builder, especially if you see a home already built, if the way it is shown built is the standard feature. Otherwise, we would’ve ended up with quite a surprise when they started to build a door and wall around the basement stairs on our main floor! It would’ve completely changed the open floor plan we loved so much!

great room with half wall staircase

You name it; we covered it. Even very small details like moving the dining room chandelier out 6 inches further to the hallway to accommodate our furniture better, and adding an additional electrical outlet in the closet of one of the bedrooms for hiding internet/wifi was discussed and noted by the builder.

Of course, if we have any other changes after this point, there is a fee with the builder to add them, and structural changes are especially expensive to change later in the game. So, we feel confident we covered everything and paid the building deposit. Now, we’re on to the exciting part…


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