build a home with a vaulted ceiling from the start

Must-Have Options When Building A Home


One of the first things that we wanted to do once we moved into our new home was work on the some of the extras that we decided to wait “to do” until we moved in. Some of these can really start to add up when building a new home and trying to determine what features you want the builder to include. After all, moving into a new home is expensive from start to finish, and you have to draw the line somewhere! Read more

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10 Tips For A Smooth Moving Day

There are definitely some moving strategies I’ve learned through the years that make each time we move a little smoother. This move was no different. These 10 items below really made the process of moving and unpacking so much smoother and I think you will find them very helpful. Continue reading to learn how to move into a new house with as little stress as possible! Read more

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Home Projects You Should Complete Before Moving In

We closed on a Thursday late in the afternoon and we were set to have the movers move us the following morning, but Mother Nature had a different plan. Unfortunately, our moving day had to be postponed due to a tropical storm that was making its way over the Midwest after moving inland over Texas a couple of days before. Read more

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10 Things To Do Before Closing On Your New Home

Long before closing, our builder emailed us a pre-closing review that listed 10 items that needed to be completed prior to our closing day for things to go smoothly. I found this very helpful for staying organized and getting everything that completed well before it was required. The last thing anyone ever wants is an issue at the last minute that can hold-up or cause issues at their closing. Read more

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Preparing for a Walk-Through with Your Builder

As you’ve seen throughout the entire building process of our home, we have been quite present. Never more than a day or two would go by that we didn’t visit the jobsite. Our builder was very patient with our frequent visits, and that was a definite plus. One thing to keep in mind, the more often you’re there, the more flaws you can bring to the attention of the builder. Read more

cabinets with crown molding

Flooring & Cabinet Selections To Consider

I have been waiting to see the color of the floors we picked along with the cabinets since the very first day we selected the interior finishes for our home. Originally, I wanted the dark chocolate brown cabinets and flooring you see so often on Pinterest and other places, but our flooring color selections for hardwood floors kept me from finding the perfect color without making two more upgrades. Read more

new concrete driveway

Important Things To Know About Pouring A Concrete Driveway

It looks more like a finished home once the driveway gets poured and as you can see, they’ve completed that job. Our builder contracted the driveway company, so luckily we didn’t have to find a concrete company to do the work. But, there are some things you need to know about pouring a concrete driveway before you start whether you do the work yourself, or hire a concrete company.

Read more