fence installation

Tips For Easy Fence Installation

We have one of those craftsman house plans, so we knew before we even broke ground on building our new house that we wanted a simple styled fence that will look like it’s meant for the Craftsman architecture of our home. And, when choosing our siding and trim colors with our builder, we definitely wanted to choose bright white trim that will coordinate nicely with a new white fence. Read more

new sod

How To Care For New Sod

It’s always a very good day when the sod is going to be put in! No longer will we be worrying about muddy paw prints on our wood floors when the dogs come in, and it just makes new home designs look complete and settled in. Something tells me this time of year is a busy one for sod companies since everyone builds through the summer months. Read more

installing stamped patio

What You Need To Know About Stamped Patios

We decided to add our own patio to the exterior of our home. We really like the look of the stamped patios and our builder would just be putting in a basic concrete slab patio, which was still pretty costly. The builder’s expertise is not worrying about the exterior of your home, and I think most builders would prefer to not offer patios at all, but some people still have their builder put their patio in before they close. The only downside to not having the builder do the patio is Read more