new concrete driveway

Important Things To Know About Pouring A Concrete Driveway

It looks more like a finished home once the driveway gets poured and as you can see, they’ve completed that job. Our builder contracted the driveway company, so luckily we didn’t have to find a concrete company to do the work. But, there are some things you need to know about pouring a concrete driveway before you start whether you do the work yourself, or hire a concrete company.

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front of home with some siding

Using Various Types of Siding

When we originally picked out our color selections for the interior an exterior materials, if you remember we drove around looking at various combinations for the exterior look of our home. Craftsman house plans like ours often include many types of siding styles. Our home was no different. All of the various textures no doubt add character to the exterior of Craftsman style homes, but it can be hard to get the finished look you were trying to achieve without the home appearing too busy. Read more