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You found a home that is almost exactly what you have been looking for, but there a few minor things that you would like to tweak to make it just perfect. Before finalizing your decision to buy this ”almost-perfect” plan, look at all the plans by that same designer. There is a tremendous possibility that the designer or architect of the home you’ve been admiring has a similar one that is exactly perfect and meets all of your needs. It is a great way to search if you’ve fallen in love with the look and feel of a home and want to make sure you see everything this designer has created before making your final choice.

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Project Plan #593-097D-0001

Simple rustic all wood wishing well

Project Plan #593-097D-0002

Rustic unpainted wood adirondack chair

Project Plan #593-097D-0003

Rustic unpainted wood adirondack ottoman

Project Plan #593-097D-0004

Rustic all wood adirondack table

Project Plan #593-097D-0005

Rustic unpainted wood adirondack loveseat

Project Plan #593-097D-0006

8' rectangle shaped picnic table with built-in benches

Project Plan #593-097D-0007

Rustic unpainted wood English garden bench

Project Plan #593-097D-0008

All wood covered wagon planter

Project Plan #593-097D-0009

Rustic all wood country style water pump planter

Project Plan #593-097D-0010

Rustic all wood unique planter tower

Project Plan #593-097D-0011

Charming all wood flower bed planter

Project Plan #593-097D-0012

Unique stacked planter places plants at different levels for an interesting effect

Project Plan #593-097D-0013

All wood ground level planter has sun shaped motif design on the back

Project Plan #593-097D-0014

Small hexagon wood picnic table holds multiple clay flower pots

Project Plan #593-097D-0015

Freestanding hanging planter box hangs two plants and allows flowers to be planted in the square base

Project Plan #593-097D-0016

Four wooden birdhouses in multiple shapes and sizes that all look great together

Project Plan #593-097D-0017

Landscape timber plant stand is a sturdy planter perfect for the front or backyard

Project Plan #593-097D-0018

Lanscape timber bird feeder has rustic country charm and is perfect for the bird enthusiast

Project Plan #593-097D-0019

Children's wood fire engine is a great play structure with old-fashioned country charm

Project Plan #593-097D-0020

Landscape timber wishing well has log style design great for rustic environments

Project Plan #593-097D-0021

Landscape timber bowl planter makes a strong statement and has plenty of space for flowers

Project Plan #593-097D-0022

Landscape timber deck planter would be the perfect addition on the deck of a rustic or vacation home plan

Project Plan #593-097D-0023

Landscape timber bench is te perfect style for a log home plan

Project Plan #593-097D-0024

Landscape timber well coverhides the backyard well while adding beauty
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