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You found a home that is almost exactly what you have been looking for, but there a few minor things that you would like to tweak to make it just perfect. Before finalizing your decision to buy this ”almost-perfect” plan, look at all the plans by that same designer. There is a tremendous possibility that the designer or architect of the home you’ve been admiring has a similar one that is exactly perfect and meets all of your needs. It is a great way to search if you’ve fallen in love with the look and feel of a home and want to make sure you see everything this designer has created before making your final choice.

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Project Plan #593-066D-0001

Rustic wood tree seat wraps around trunk

Project Plan #593-066D-0002

Wood wishing well with wood shingle base

Project Plan #593-066D-0003

Redwood cedar plenter boxes great for the outdoor patio or porch

Project Plan #593-066D-0004

Children's wood dump truck toy painted yellow

Project Plan #593-066D-0005

Old-fashioned all wood sled

Project Plan #593-066D-0006

Outdoor wood canopy glider swing is a great addition to a backyard

Project Plan #593-066D-0007

Wood play structure has canvas top for a shaded area and a great slide

Project Plan #593-066D-0008

Folding adirondack chairs are made of wood

Project Plan #593-066D-0009

Two Victorian birdhouse styles with one taller and another style shorter

Project Plan #593-066D-0010

Painted wood lighthouse is a great backyard decoration

Project Plan #593-066D-0011

Children's wood coaster car is painted red with a racing number on the side

Project Plan #593-066D-0012

Small wood wishing well is a great size for a smaller or narrow lot

Project Plan #593-066D-0013

Whelbarrow planter is made of redwood cedar and holds many plants and flowers

Project Plan #593-066D-0014

Old-fashioned wooden water pump is great for a country style or rustic home plan

Project Plan #593-066D-0016

Wood water wheel adds charm to the backyard of a rustic or country house plan

Project Plan #593-066D-0017

Birdhouse assortment has seven different kids of birdhouses that can be built in all sizes and shapes

Project Plan #593-066D-0018

Redwood cedar octagon shaped table set includes benches for all around and creates enough seating for the whole family

Project Plan #593-066D-0019

L-shaped planter bench has three square planters and two sections of bench space for the patio

Project Plan #593-066D-0020

All wood porch rocker is a great addition to a country style porch or patio

Project Plan #593-066D-0021

This wood porch swing is designed to look great with many home styles

Project Plan #593-066D-0022

All wood twin-seater has center built-in table for drinks and snacks

Project Plan #593-066D-0023

Adirondack quartet includes a round table, ottoman and two chairs all shown painted white for a fresh summer look

Project Plan #593-066D-1500

Rocking horse can be painted to include colors to match a children's bedroom

Project Plan #593-066D-1501

Race car bed is a fun addition to any child's room
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